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Meet - Gurzuf.
Spa urban villages Gurzuf is located in the eastern part of Greater Yalta. Who has ever rested in Gurzuf, he certainly wants to come back here again, in one of the most charming and beautiful places of the Southern coast. Here, a special microclimate. High mountains, surrounded sbegayuschy to the sea, the village, protecting it from cold winds. An unforgettable experience the beauty of the landscape left: Bear Mountain prop back the sky, the water went up the rocks - islets Adalary, rows of curly vines zeleneyut to surrounding hills, slopes Gurzufskoy Yayly with winds beleyuschey arbor covered with dense forest.
History Gurzuf starts from the ancient times, it was replaced by each other a lot of people: brand, Greeks, Goths, Khazars, genueztsy ... The pass Gurzufskoe saddle archaeologists discovered an ancient holy place, belonging, apparently, Tavriya. Here they sacrificed to their gods.
At the heart of the village rises from the sea coast Genoese rock. At its peak in the sixth century on the orders of Emperor Justinian the First Gorzouvites fortress was erected, and beneath, rustled on the shore port. In the fourteenth century citadel, destroyed by Tartars, was restored genueztsami, vedshimi on the southern coast of active trade. Up to now remained the memory of them in the name of the fortress and the rocks - Dzhenevez. At the top of the rocks have only remnants of walls, built of stone in the wild lime mortar. Finally destroyed the castle in the fifteenth century, the Turkish troops, pulled the stones built on the local residents. In 1472 Gurzuf arrived to the shores of the ship, aboard which sailed in Feodosia, returning from far-away India, Afonasy Nikitin. After the capture of the southern coast of the Turks, Gurzuf become a small village.
Gurzuf inextricably linked with the name of Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837). While traveling in southern Russia with samey hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, General
NN Rayevsky, the young poet came to Gurzuf August 18, 1820 on the brig "Mingreliya. On board the ship Pushkin wrote Elegy --
"Extinguished daylight", for the first time in four and a half months it was visited by inspiration. In the passage from a letter to the D. " He reminisced about his first impressions in the form of Gurzuf, it is moved over the mountain poet Gurzuf, local huts, the green and gold hills of vineyards.
Gurzuf first on the Southern coast of Crimea has been developed as a resort. Entrepreneurial talent PI Gubonin built in Gurzuf eight comfortable hotels.
in 1900 in Gurzuf bought a summer house for Kniper - Chekhova OL famous writer AP Chekhov. Now in this house museum Chekhova.
In 1912, over a sea built cottage Konstantin Korovin, a talented landscape painter and decorator, he called his home "Salammbo" We stayed Korovina Repin, Surikov, Andreyev, Gorky, Kuprin, Shalyapin.
If you are going to have a rest with us, call us and we will help you pick a hotel, house, apartment, cheap versions of the private sector by the sea. Selection of housing services in Gurzuf are free of charge. Options for housing in Gurzuf there for every taste and purse. But we must take into account the time that the quality is not cheap, we individually come to your question, and will respect your wishes. In Gurzuf is not as expensive housing and vip houses, luxury hotels. Many beaches, parks, historic sites. Modern Gurzuf closely linked with its prehistoric past and the history of the Crimea. New homes well get comfortable with old streets and buildings of stone masonry. Gurzuf has always attracted artists, writers, photographers, tourists from both near and far abroad. At your service bars, restaurants, a lot of kafeshek. There is entertainment for children.
You can relax in Gurzuf not only in the summer. Autumn velvet season - a wonderful time for the Crimea. Most of the holidaymakers go home. Beaches are free, bars and restaurants half-empty. Time seemed to stop in Gurzuf. The sea in Gurzuf warm up to October, sometimes up to 20 'numbers. There was falling home prices. A good, warm weather is until mid-October, sometimes longer.
Visit Gurzuf autumn, can not remain indifferent.
Tourism and Recreation in Gurzuf becoming popular with each passing year. In order to remove the housing, hotel, house or apartment, please contact us by phone listed on the site. We have discussed all the terms and conditions of residence and find out your wishes and requirements for housing, shooting. You can also find out all the nuances of post. From April to October, the entire communication only by phone. Lodging obtained at small time frame to reserve the money is not necessary. If you decide to take care of leave in advance of the season mud for a long time, the booking of 2-3 nights stay, obyazatelna.U owners of private housing conditions and different demands on the individual alternative housing in Gurzuf need to negotiate. Reservations can be transferred through the bank, in their several Gurzuf. If your booking is available for a particular variant of housing, housing is reserved for you 200%. In the case of forstmazherov from our side you back double the amount of deposit and provided a similar version of the home, apartment or gostinitsy.V if you stay out of the amount is not refundable. In the high season is usually booked accommodation is not the money, except for hotels. Our goal for your arrival to prepare one or several options for housing the most convenient and comfortable.

                                                 The ancient park.

Village Gurzuf first in Big Yalta, on the road to the east of Alushta. Luxury park and buildings in the style of "Crimean Rococo" in the sanatorium "Gurzufsky (formerly the Ministry of Defense) - a wonderful legacy of the Russian entrepreneur PI Gubonina. In 1882-89 he worked., Earned in the construction of the railway Lozova - Sevastopol big money, he put them in the construction of 8 hotels shells Kursaal, churches and restaurants, is still surprised by its beauty and engineering solutions. A luxurious spa park is interesting not only exotic plants, and fountains, among which are the fountain "night" - a replica of a German professor of sculpture Berger.
Park Park is continuing on the territory of the sanatorium "Pushkino, also rich with sculptures - busts of classical literature who were here at different times. Eschu in the 1808-11 biennium. AE du Duc de Richelieu Plessi (a kind of famous Cardinal) built a villa here prostrnuyu and broke around exotic park. In 1820 the house rented, General N. Raesky family. This villa has visited Alexander Pushkin, and now the house has a small museum of the poet.

                                         Adalary. Rocks - islets.

In Gurzufskoy Bay (16 km west of Yalta in p.g.t. Gurzuf) like a sailboat sail two stone - Adalry, in Turkish the word means simply "island". Near the water just seen small blocks - the remains of the third island.
From the coast are the rocks of the same dense gray limestone: Chekhovskaya (1900g on it. Built cottage Anton Pavlovich), it Shalyapinskaya (here Fyodor Ivanovich sang in 1916.), Then Sultanka. It is a wave smashed the camera better
- Pushkin's Grotto.
These rocks are made of rocks, component Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains. Above Gurzuf excellent shows huge demotion - Gurzufskoe saddle. Here it is, and "fell" the rocks, and even a giant Red Stone (Kizil-Tash) - it stopped above the track, the center Gurzuf - rocky mountain gorge Balgotura, as the sea rises powerfully Dzhenuvez-Kai from the ruins of Genoese fortress.
All of these stone witnesses sharp rise of the main ridge, accompanied by catastrophic landslides, slip off and the whole array of rock, called yaylinskimi ottorzhentsami. These rocks have all YUBK but Adalary - the most famous.
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